Birds of New Zealand

Chatham Island Black Robin
The Chatham Island Black Robin [source: Leon Berard | CC BY 2.0]

Click the links below to hear the sounds of New Zealand's amazing bird species! And thank you to New Zealand's Department of Conservation for sharing the sounds of these birds for the whole world to hear!

Takahe: Song One | Song Two

Kakapo: "Booming" | "Chinging" | Female Song

Kaki (Black Stilt): Territorial Song

Morepork: The "More Pork!" Song

North Island brown kiwi: Male | Female

Want more?

Head over to the website of New Zealand's Department of Conservation to listen to other bird songs, learn about other native animals, and see what they're doing to help save some of New Zealand's threatened species.

Finally, before you go, you have to meet Sirocco, the Department of Conservation's kakapo spokes-parrot: