DinoGlows: adorable plush by day, awesome glow-in-the-dark fossil by night!

The Wait Is Over. DinoGlows Are Here!

Gizmodo DinoGlows feature
"[P]lush dinosaur toys that turn inside out to reveal an as-anatomically-correct-as-a-plush-toy-can-be glowing skeleton version of the same dino. It’s another clever way to sneak some learning into playtime[.]"

Trendhunter DinoGlows feature

"This clever and unique reversible design gives kids a tactile and fun way to learn about everyone's favorite prehistoric pals."

GadgetFlow DinoGlows press feature

"If you have a dinosaur-loving kiddo, this is a great way to introduce the concept of fossils."

NOTCOT DinoGlows press feature

"Dinosaur plushies that flip inside-out to reveal glow-in-the-dark fossils."

BUT WAIT! There's more...

Introducing: DinoBox!

Looking for the perfect gift for your dinosaur-obsessed child?

We're building a dino-themed subscription box for kid-explorers ages 3 to 5. DinoBox is the perfect gift for dinosaur-obsessed kids. Hands-on, sensory-rich games and projects, award-winning illustrations, and more to encourage and enrich your child.

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