Plush Womple Travel Buddy
Carry your Womple travel companion on all your own adventures or send him on vacations with friends. Photograph your Womple on your trips and tag us @WompleStudios to be featured on our social media!

World Atlas
20+ pages of write-on wipe-off sticker-friendly fun. Contains colorful maps, cool facts, and activities for your kids to learn how to use (and make) their own maps. Use your Atlas to follow along on each month's adventure by tracking your pen pal's travels across the globe. Also comes with a World Atlas activities sheet to test your map-reading skills.

Mini Travel Journal
Your kid can use this fun, easy-to-use journal to keep track of all their own adventures, whether they're trekking to the South Pole or visiting the local park. 

Re-Stickable Stickers
Stickers that will make adults jealous: premium, anti-tear, reusable. They're made especially for use on the laminated World Atlas, where they can be applied, removed, stored, and reused.

Dry-Erase Crayons
Be honest. Did you know such a thing existed? These crayons are vibrant on and made for laminated surfaces like the World Atlas. Perfect for doodling, coloring, map-making, and tracking Womple movements.

Introduction Letter
Say hello to your new Womple pen pal with an introduction letter. Womples are curious and adventurous creatures - and this one is looking for a friend that wants to share in its world exploration!