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WompleBox inspires kids to explore through adventure stories and hands-on activities, delivered monthly.

Join thousands of parents in encouraging exploration, promoting empathy, and growing the next generation of global citizens.

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Each WompleBox explores a new country & culture with exciting and creative activities.



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The Power of Story

WompleBox sends kids all over the world from the comfort of their living room and for the low cost of a few mocha lattes. Race through South Africa, search for mystery in the Amazon, embark on an animal rescue mission in the Philippines, and more with Womple, your child's new traveling companion. By sharing the wonders of travel and introducing other cultures through kids' eyes, WompleBox highlights our differences as well as those things that we all have in common.

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100+ 5-Star Reviews!

"My kids get excited every time they receive a box. The quality of the content is superb. The artwork is bright and cute. The books are fun and entertaining. The crafts are very cool. Overall, it exceeds my expectations every time."

Margaret R.

"Womple blows the other geography boxes out of the water. No comparison. The whole box is beautifully done. The books are fabulous and inter-weave the country’s pertinent facts into Womple’s adventures in a fun and engaging way."

Lindsay B.

"My children adore their Womple subscription. I use it in our (homeschooling) countries and cultures study. During the pandemic, bringing the world home in this way was just what we needed. Love the variety and that there’s enough for two."

Joanna H.

"We love the quality of the project materials and the real art and creativity that is a part of it. We actually tried another company's box because it was a bit cheaper and found that my son didn't engage as much without the storybook and big map with stickers."

Jamie B.

"My son loves reading about Womple’s adventures. When we finished the book about Ethiopia, we ordered a feast of Ethiopian food and we made the smoothie recipe. He was so proud to teach his older brother about what he learned."

Harry B.