Why WompleBox

Why WompleBox?

Because connecting kids with their world is a good thing. WompleBox is a snail-mail subscription that sparks your kid's curiosity about different places and cultures. How? Through fun and interactive storytelling and thoughtful and engaging crafts about new and unique destinations.

Engaging Storytelling

Through engaging storytelling, we spark your child's curiosity and excitement about the world around them. Our stories are carefully crafted by expert storytellers and educators to be enjoyed by kids just learning to read as well as kids already advancing to chapter books. And all our stories are interactive, making kids a part of the adventure with activities, maps, puzzles & more.

Global Citizens

We all inhabit the same world. And it's a world full of unique and amazing people and places. WompleBox focuses on different cultures and off-the-beaten-path locations so that kids can discover, learn, and appreciate. Each month, your kid will be transported across the globe on a new adventure, whether it is participating in local festivals on Rapa Nui or making new friends in Madagascar. 

Active Learning

WompleBox crafts and activities are integral parts of the journey. Whether it's making their own bird-whistle like artisans in Nicaragua, sharing their newfound knowledge with family through custom-made postcards, or deciphering hidden images among the Terracotta Warriors, WompleMail kids are engaged in their own learning.