DinoGlows: Triceratops
DinoGlows: Triceratops
DinoGlows: Triceratops
DinoGlows: Triceratops
DinoGlows: Triceratops
DinoGlows: Triceratops

DinoGlows: Triceratops

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  • 🎁 Ages 0+
  • 🦕 Reversible!
  • 🌟 Glows in the dark!

Adorable dino plush by day, awesome glow-in-the-dark fossil by night. All with a magical flip of fabric! DinoGlows are reversible plush stuffed dinosaurs that flip inside out to reveal glow-in-the-dark fossil skeletons. Soft and cuddly on both sides!

Grab all 7 DinoGlows for maximum dino-fun: Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mega Stegosaurus, Mega Triceratops, Mega Tyrannosaurus Rex and now introducing new Ankylosaurus!

As seen in Gizmodo, GadgetFlow, TrendHunter, and more:

"Plush dinosaur toys that turn inside out to reveal an as-anatomically-correct-as-a-plush-toy-can-be glowing skeleton version of the same dino. It’s another clever way to sneak some learning into playtime." - Gizmodo

    - Kid-friendly reversible design
    - Velcro closure for extra support
    - Embroidered features
    - Size: 11 inches from tail to nose
    - Materials: 100% polyester filling

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    Flip It & Watch It Glow

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 74 reviews
    Cathy H.
    A little smaller than I expected but really nice

    I think my grandkids will love them!

    We guarantee it! Thanks for shopping with us for your grandkids!!

    Marissa H.
    This is an AWESOME stuffy!!!!

    Got this for my nephew. It was maybe slightly smaller than I thought but not going to ding a star for this as it was me being cheap and buy the smaller one. The Dino is cute as well made. It is easy to fold inside out and the skeleton glows REALLY well!! (I did cheat a little and stuck it under a UV light for a few seconds to charge it up). Highly recommend these for any Dino enthusiasts!!

    LOVE! Thank you so much, Marissa! UV light isn't cheating, it's super-charging brilliance!

    Tracy M.
    Dino Kid approved

    Gave the flip T-rex to my son for his 9th birthday and he loved it. It is now what goes everywhere with him

    Yesssss! The best review is a happy kid review!


    These are super cute. They easily turn inside out to display the skeleton. They are a little small but the large ones were out of stock

    Brenda B.
    Nice product, terrible shipping

    The item is very nice, I know my daughter will love it!

    However it took 11 days to receive. Why? Because DHL. I detest them. Honestly if I knew they were the shipper I might have reconsidered the order. Started 2 states away, got 20 minutes from my house, then took a side trip past us 2 states the opposite direction. Would have taken half the time if it wasn't DHL.

    Oh noooo! Sorry about that shipping problem. We're always evaluating our shipping options, so thank you for the feedback!

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