WompleMail: connecting kids to their world, one story at at time

How It Works

Pick A Subscription

Designed for early readers (recommended ages 6-11) by education & storytelling experts, WompleMail brings your child on a new travel adventure every month.

Discover New Places

Each month, your kid receives an adventure storybook, fold-out map & country guide, creative craft activity, and collectible item - all focusing on a new and exciting place in the world.

Explore The World

Spark their curiosity and inspire them to explore with visits to places like the underground world of the Terracotta Warriors, glaciers in Iceland, and a wildebeest migration in Tanzania!

What's Inside?

Original illustrated, full-length adventure books, interactive fold-out maps & activities, all the materials needed for creative travel-themed crafts, collectible keychains to remember every destination, and more.

Adventure Awaits

High-quality stories crafted by our own expert educators and storytellers. Get kids lost in the adventure and make them feel like they’re actually exploring lands thousands of miles away with an original illustrated storybook every month.

Stoke their curiosity with real-world wonders. What's the best way down a volcano? How were the moai of Easter Island moved without machines? Why is it called the Most Dangerous Hike in the World? The world is full of incredible people and places.

Educational content based on real experiences. Dive into the details of each new country with stories and crafts that vibrantly illustrate natural wonders, animals, history, folklore, food, music, art, dance & more.

More than just geography. We don't talk down to kids, and we don't bore them with random facts. WompleMail introduces kids to different people & places in ways that will inspire them to learn more.


How much does it cost?

Subscriptions are $24.99 per month with $5 flat-fee shipping within the U.S. Get free bonus items like a plush Womple pen pal or write-on world atlas when you prepay!

Cancel any time with no hassle. WARNING: Kids love it! Womple explorers are known to wait by their mailbox in anticipation of getting their next box!

What will my child learn?

Your child will learn about culture, history, and nature from places all over the world. And they'll love it, too, because all our boxes are designed to be educational AND fun. One month they might come face-to-face with Komodo dragons in Indonesia, another they might join a reindeer herd in Mongolia, and another they might venture to the top of an active volcano in Nicaragua. Each month is a new, exciting adventure.

Who creates the stories?

Our stories are crafted by our world-class team of storytellers and educators. Their specialty is drawing kids in with exciting adventure stories and keeping them hooked so they have fun while they learn!

I have 2 kids. Do I need 2 boxes?

Nope! One WompleMail should do the trick. Our stories can be enjoyed alone, aloud, together, or even in a classroom! And every craft activity includes enough materials to share between 2 kids.

Is WompleMail "eco-friendly"?

We make every effort to be environmentally conscious. That's why we use recyclable cardboard and paper for our boxes and printed materials, soy vegetable oil-based inks to print our books, and why our "plastic" packaging is plant-based and certified compostable.

I have other questions!

Check out our complete FAQ, chat with a live person through our instant online chat (usually 10am - 4pm PST), fill out our Contact Form, or reach out at hello@womplestudios.com. We typically respond within 1 business day!


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