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Womple Studios works with public schools, private schools, charter schools, libraries, and teachers to provide engaging geography and culture focused activity kits to kids all over the country. Let us know how we can help you!

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Class Packs are educational, convenient, and fun for kids. Each Class Pack contains 10 WompleBox activity kits serving up to 20 kids with hands-on STEM projects, engaging reading materials, fold-out maps, and activities.

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Womple Studios WompleBox: Greece kit components
Womple Studios WompleBox: Greece pegasus mosaic craft
Womple Studios WompleBox: Greece labyrinth craft
Womple Studios WompleBox: Greece stickers and map activity
Womple Studios WompleBox: Greece book titled Lost in the Labyrinth
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Class Pack: Greece

Featured Class Pack: Greece

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Build a labyrinth, create a mosaic masterpiece, and learn about the Greek gods!

Learn About:

Greek Mythology
Problem Solving

Serves up to 20 students with projects and activities that can take up to 1 - 3 hours.

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Age-Appropriate Content

Womple Studios' products are specially developed to align with a child's age, reading level, and curriculum needs.

Built By Educators

Everything we build is meticulously researched and crafted by experts who understand the unique needs of young learners.

Award-Winning Design

Our award-winning content has been recognized on numerous occassions for its innovative approach to learning through play.

Giving Back To The Community

We partnered with a non-profit organization, Alice in Methodologyland, to create an English language program for kids based around a WompleBox-inspired curriculum. It was unlike anything we had ever done before... and it was a huge success!

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Questions and Answers

You have three ways of placing a bulk order:

  1. for classrooms up to 20 students, purchase one of our specially-designed Class Packs.
  2. purchase 25 or more of any item and use code EDUCATOR15 for 15% off.
  3. contact us at for all other inquiries and for orders over 50 units.

A good rule of thumb is that one WompleBox activity kit contains enough content to be shared by two students. For example, for a classroom of 20 students, you'll want to order a Class Pack containing 10 activity kits.

If, for example, you absolutely NEED a set of 15 kits about Mongolia for your week-long classroom reindeer celebration, but we're not currently selling any Mongolia kits, just reach out to us at We may be able to help!

Reach out to us at with your name, email, documentation of tax free status, and what you would like to purchase.

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