Ages 6-11

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Trailblazers

Bring the wonders of the world to your child’s fingertips! WompleBox explores countries and cultures through innovative storytelling and creative STEAM activities that reinforce in-depth learning and imagination.

How It Works

It couldn’t be easier for your child to explore the world with our curiosity-building boxes, delivered to your door!

Join us! Choose the subscription plan that’s just right for your family.

A new destination, every month. Pack your bags for a globetrotting adventure to a different country every 30 days.

Imagination, unleashed. Through fun characters and hands-on STEAM activities, your child will engage the world with a newfound perspective.

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How We Spark Your Child’s Curiosity

WompleBox takes your child on adventures that will last a lifetime! Every month, your child will:

Travel to a new place

With a color-illustrated chapter book, fold-out map and country guide developed by experts, your child will discover a country’s geography, wildlife and natural highlights that will deepen their knowledge of the world.

Explore a new culture

Nothing’s better than exploring a country with a local! Every month, Womple meets a new friend who shares their country’s traditions and shows your child the world through their eyes.

Get creative

Children learn best through play. Your box contains two custom-crafted, hands-on STEAM Activities that will ignite their natural creativity and reinforce the storytelling of the locale they’ve been learning about.

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What Happy Parents Are Saying

Constructing a Greek labyrinth

Our favorite monthly surprise. These boxes are both fun and educational! My 9 and 10 year olds love them and there is plenty of material for them to share. We look forward to our box each month!

Jennessa S.
Reading Brazil WompleBox's Journey in the Jungle

Absolutely the best. This subscription is amazing. It has been a wonderful tool for homeschooling. I adore having a recipe to make from the current place we are studying.

Allie K.
Mother reading the Womple Studios World Atlas to her son

Fantastic experience. We love the age-appropriate chapter books and the activities are incredibly fun, promoting hands-on skills with higher order thinking skills and artistic choice.

Serena W.
Girl playing with WompleBox's DIY maze activity

Worthwhile Teaching Opportunity! I subscribed to teach my 8 yr old granddaughter about the World. What a fun, educational journey we went on each time her box arrived!

Father and daughter enjoying the New Zealand WompleBox

Excellent all around. Definitely will recommend to all my friends with kids. Very clever idea and the quality of the writing, imagery, and overall design of the product is superb.


Take a Peek: Brazil

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Frequently Asked Questions

What countries will I get? Can I choose?

Womple is your child’s adventurous tour guide, leading them through the wonders of a new country every month. We never know where he’ll be off to next, and we’ve discovered it’s most fun that way! Through the course of your journey, he’ll visit some well-known destinations (such as Australia or France) and some that are off the beaten path (like Rapa Nui or Nicaragua). Every place has something new and exciting to share!

So far, Womple has had his virtual passport stamped in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Rapa Nui, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Scotland. Where do you think he should travel next?

How much does it cost?

Subscriptions start as low as $24.99 per month and shipping is FREE within the U.S.

What's the recommended age?

WompleBox is perfect for kids 6-11. Younger kids will love reading and crafting with the help of an adult, while older kids will be able to explore and discover all on their own.

I have two kids. Do I need two boxes?

Nope! One WompleBox should do the trick. Unless, of course, your kids aren't super great at sharing... Every WompleBox includes two STEAM projects and activities for sharing (hopefully) between 2 kids. And, our books are exciting and enjoyable alone, aloud, together, in a classroom, and over and over again.

What will my child learn?

It’s our mission to inspire the next generation of global citizens. We’re growing future adults with the creativity to approach situations with out-of-the-box ideas and the perspective to meet new people with understanding. Each WompleBox leads your child on an adventure to a unique location around the world, encouraging them to explore, learn and create.

Through engaging storytelling and friendly kid-characters, your child will learn culture, geography, science, history, cuisine, nature, art and more! Whether it’s joining a tribe of reindeer herders in Mongolia or hiking the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada, they’ll have experiences that leave a lasting impression. Each box contains two STEAM activities that encourages them to play with their hands, get creative, and reinforces what they've learned on their latest adventure.

We know that children never stop learning… and we’re here to provide the fuel for their curiosity!

Who creates the stories?

WompleBox is crafted by our world-class team of veteran educators, practiced storytellers, and parents. Our specialty is transporting kids to other places across the world. We don't do the same old facts your kids will forget in 5 minutes. We give them experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. Learn more about us here!

I have more questions!

Check out our complete FAQ, fill out our Contact Form, or reach out at We typically respond within 1 business day!

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