Frequently Asked Questions

 All the awesome answers to your burning Womple questions.

A Womple is a yeti-like creature from Antarctica. Frozen for millennia and thawed only recently when an ice shelf broke away from the continent, Womples have an unquenchable thirst for exploration and adventure. They've missed out on thousands of years of fun and and now they're ready to travel and see the world - and they're looking for like-minded explorers to share their experiences with!

We came across the wonderful word coddiwomple and couldn't pass up an opportunity to spread it's awesomeness:

Coddiwomple (verb) - to travel in a purposeful manner towards an unknown destination.

We think that pretty much sums us up! At Womple Studios, we believe in the value of wandering and exploration. No one knows where they'll end up, but the best way to get anywhere worthwhile is to experience the world and learn all about what it has to offer.

Each month is a new adventure to a unique place in the world!

Your kid will receive a WompleBox every month with tales of travel adventures as their Womple pen pal explores the world: full-length, illustrated, early-reader books, interactive fold-out maps & country guides, custom stickers, two STEAM projects (enough to share between 2 kids) and easy-to-follow instructions, collectible items to remind them of the journey, and sneak-peeks of the next month's destination.

Check out our Subscription page for pricing details. Taxes and shipping (free in the U.S.) are automatically calculated at checkout.

There's no "rule" for what's appropriate for your child. All kids are different, and you know yours better than anyone. We also think adults will learn more than a thing or two from our products!

That said, WompleBox is designed especially for, and kid-tested by, children ages 6 to 11. For kids on the younger side, we encourage parents to read the books and do the projects & activities with their kids. For kids on the older side, we've written the materials and designed the projects to be fun and understood without parental supervision.

We take kids to some of the most amazing places in the world. WompleBox gives kids an authentic experience of a place and its culture, not just a set of facts about a country. Some examples of the places we travel to include:

  • Argentina (to dig up dinosaurs, visit a glacier, and more)
  • China (to experience the underground home of the Terracotta Warriors)
  • Nicaragua (to hike through a volcanic island in the middle of a giant lake)
  • Indonesia (to visit with the famous Komodo dragons)
  • Iceland (including a fantastical journey around the coast)
  • Tanzania (to witness the great wildebeest migration)
  • New Zealand (to visit a bird sanctuary, hike along one of the Great Walks, and see a rugby match)

If you have a question not answered here or just want to say hello, please reach out via our Contact page or by email at

We make every effort to be environmentally conscious. That's why we use recyclable cardboard and paper for our boxes and printed materials, soy vegetable oil-based inks to print our stories, and why our "plastic" packaging is made from plant-based PLA and certified compostable.

We make sure that your personal information is safe in a couple of different ways. First, our billing and payment systems are encrypted and certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant (if you know what that means!) and backed up by some of the most well-respected names in e-commerce. Second, we don't collect information from you that we don't need, and we certainly don't sell that information to others. Check out our Privacy Policy for details.

Sorry, we have a no returns or refunds policy. Please see our Terms of Service for details.

If a package arrives damaged or lost in the mail, please get in touch at and we'll see what we can do to resolve it.

WompleBox ships for FREE in the U.S.!

Right now, we only ship within the U.S. (including U.S. territories and APO addresses). But we're working on expanding our reach, so keep checking in!

Your first WompleBox will ship out within 1-3 business days. After that, a new box is shipped each month on or around the 15th of the month.

If you're missing a package or something was damaged during delivery, please contact us at and we'll sort it out ASAP.

You'll receive a tracking number with every delivery so that you can track your WompleBox as it makes its way to your home.

Sometimes mail carriers aren't as on time or as reliable as we want. If you think you might have missed a delivery, please reach out to us at

Automatic renewal is when the subscription of your product automatically renews just before it expires so you don't have to keep buying the same thing over and over again. Your subscription ends when you cancel it. Like Netflix!

WompleBox subscriptions automatically renew. That means that if you buy a 1-month subscription, your kid will keep getting WompleBox every month and you will be charged the price of a 1-month subscription every month. If you buy a 3-month subscription, your kid will keep getting WompleBox every month and you will be charged the price of a 3-month subscription every 3 months.

You can cancel anytime, and we'll always give you a heads up before your subscription is renewed.

With a WompleBox subscription, you're charged the day you make your purchase AND on a recurring basis on the 15th of the month on which your subscription term ends. For example, if you purchase a 3-month subscription on June 12, you'll be charged for 3 months on that day, and then you will be charged for the next 3-month term on September 15, and for the next 3-month term on December 15, and so on.

You can see and manage all your WompleBox subscriptions by logging into your account or by clicking here: Customer Portal. Once logged in, follow the links for "Order Schedule", and "Subscriptions" to view pricing and upcoming renewal dates.

Great! If you purchased a WompleBox subscription, it will automatically renew at the end of each term. For example, if you purchased a 6-month subscription, it will automatically renew for another 6 months at the end of the first 6-month term. If you purchased a 3-month subscription, it will automatically renew for another 3 months at the end of the first 3-month term.

Absolutely! Whatever the reason you'd like to skip an order or shipment, you can log into your Customer Portal and Skip your next order (if you're on a Monthly subscription), or just send us an email at and let us know what month you'd like to skip. We'll help you out.

We hope you're out of town on an awesome adventure. Make sure to bring your Womple and tag us @womplestudios in your awesome travel photos!

Yes! If you'd like to change to a different subscription length, just contact us at We'll get it done.


  • Sign in to your Customer Portal (if you don't have an account, simply create one using the email address you used to buy your subscription)
  • Click the link for "Your Subscriptions"
  • Next to your address, click "Edit"
  • From there, you may edit your billing or shipping information.

That's it!

Welcome back! Contact us at and we'll make sure it feels like you never left! Alternatively, you can restart your subscription yourself by following these steps:

  • Go to your Customer Portal page
  • Click on "Your Subscriptions"
  • Scroll to the subscription you'd like to restart and click "Re-activate"

That's it!

Say it ain't so! Have you considered skipping an order instead? Email us at and we'd be happy to help.

Still want to cancel? We're sorry to see you go! You can cancel your order at any time by following these steps:

  • Go to your Customer Portal page
  • Click on "Your Subscriptions"
  • Scroll to the subscription you'd like to cancel and click "Cancel"

Please let us know why you cancelled - it helps improve the experience for kids!

Sorry, we're unable to offer refunds or process returns. Please see our Terms of Service for details.

If a package is damaged or lost in the mail, please get in touch at and we'll see what we can do to resolve it.

Your kid will get the same great content with either a WompleBox subscription or a WompleBox gift. Only the terms of billing are different:

  • With a WompleBox Subscription your kid keeps getting WompleBox every month and you're charged on a recurring basis until you cancel.
  • With a WompleBox gift you're only charged once the day you purchase. The gift ends and the WompleBox stops coming after the gift has expired. For example, if you buy a 3-month gift, you pay for and get 3 months of WompleBox.

No, WompleBox gifts do not automatically renew. You'll only be charged once when you make your purchase.

No problem! We're happy to help and make sure your kid continues explore with us every month. email at and we'll get it done.

Head to our Store to check out what single boxes we have available for individual purchase! And remember, you can always get a Monthly WompleBox subscription - cancel anytime.

Sorry, no. But, we promise we feature awesome and unique places every month! Also, check out our Store to see what one-off WompleBoxes we have available for individual purchase.

Yes! We love our homeschool and distance learning customers! Check out our homeschool resources page and reach out to us to see if we're a vendor for your network or to place a bulk order for your school or classroom. Please note that orders made through charter schools and ESAs will typically be shipped out on the 4th of the month with a deadline for ordering of the last day of the month.

Womples have a habit of going their own way and having their own adventures every once in a while. Contact us at and we'll see what we can do.

One WompleBox should do the trick. Unless, of course, your kids aren't super great at sharing... Every WompleBox includes two STEAM projects for sharing (hopefully) between 2 kids. And, our books are exciting and enjoyable alone, aloud, together, in a classroom, and over and over again.

TIP: Make sure your "Shipping Address" includes the names of all of your kids so that everyone experiences the joy of getting their own mail!

Contact us via any option on our Contact page or by email at and we'll get back to you ASAP!

We'd love to spread as much Womple cheer as possible! Reach out to us at and we'd be happy to discuss.