Coddiwomple (v.) — To travel in a purposeful manner towards an unknown destination.

Our Mission

At Womple Studios, we inspire kids to discover the wonders of their world.

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Who We Are

We’re a global team of storytellers, educators, and designers. We’re also parents, kids-at-heart, and adventure-seekers. We’re individuals with a variety of life experiences, but we share a common passion for exploring the world and beyond – or, as we like to call it, wompling!

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What We Do

We want to ignite a passion for discovery and learning that will last a lifetime. And the best way to engage kids and spark their interest is through the incredible power of storytelling.

Who hasn’t been swept away by a story? Great stories transport you to new places: spelunking in underwater caves, trekking through hot and humid jungles, climbing to the peaks of treacherous volcanoes.

Girl reading from WompleBox: India book, the Mumbai Mystery

Stories also help kids understand complex topics and other people by immersing them in new experiences and putting them in others’ shoes. Stories illuminate new concepts, expand kids’ worldview, and build empathy.

That’s why we spend our waking (and dreaming) moments creating new stories. Through words, images, and hands-on activities, every Womple Studios product is built around a story and crafted to immerse kids in an amazing experience while discovering the wonders of our world.

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Meet Womple

Hi there! I’m Womple, founding member of Womple Studios and proud citizen of Antarctica. Here at Womple Studios, I’m the CTO - Chief Travel Officer. It’s my job to travel the world and visit every country until I’ve seen them all. It’s the best job in the… well, in the world! Every month I get to explore new places and wonders, meet incredible people, and eat delicious foods. Know what a durian is? Neither do I! Let’s find out together.