About Us

Coddiwomple - To travel in a purposeful manner towards an unknown destination.

Womple hot air balloon

It's probably a made up word (what word isn't?), but it's a great description of life! We started Womple Studios because we believe kids can learn an extraordinary amount about life, even though we never know where it may lead, through exposure to different places and cultures. 

So that's our mission: educate kids and spark a love of their world through storytelling and engaging, curiosity-inspiring activities.

We're explorers at heart with a passion for teaching. We're educators, artists, writers, and adventurers.  We've also been very fortunate to visit some remarkable places where we've made friends, learned to respect and appreciate foreign customs, and been awe-struck by the variety that our world has to offer.

Now we inspire the next generation of kid-explorers, constantly striving to instill a love of adventure and learning into all of our products. 

And we couldn't be more excited!

- Erin and Alejandro, co-founders of Womple Studios