WompleBox: Greece
WompleBox: Greece
Womple Studios WompleBox: Greece pegasus mosaic craft activity
Womple Studios WompleBox: Greece sticker and map activity
Womple Studios WompleBox: Greece girl reading Lost in the Labyrinth book
Womple Studios WompleBox: Greece components of box laid out

WompleBox: Greece

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  • 🎁 Ages 6 - 11
  • 🏺 Highlights Greek mythology!
  • 🎨 2 hands-on craft projects

Journey alongside Womple on a mythological adventure through the Minotaur's labyrinth! What begins as a scenic tour through ancient Greek ruins takes a whimsical turn when Womple stumbles into a mysterious hole, plunging into the heart of ancient Greek myth and legend.

Explore the Labyrinth's Secrets: "Lost in the Labyrinth," our captivating illustrated adventure book, invites young explorers aged 6-11 to navigate the twists and turns of the Minotaur's labyrinth. From the mesmerizing ancient ruins to unexpected encounters with mythical creatures, this tale seamlessly weaves education and entertainment.

Hands-On Mythical Creations: Immerse yourself in Greek mythology with engaging DIY activities. Build and play your own re-playable marble maze, a homage to the labyrinth's intricate paths. Create a stunning pegasus mosaic, bringing the magic of ancient Greece into the hands of your little adventurer.

Interactive Map of Greece: Unfold the beauty of Greece with our fold-out map, providing an immersive exploration of ancient ruins, historic landmarks, and mythical locations. Enhance the learning experience with an activity map that sparks curiosity about the Greek pantheon and mythology.

Sticker Set - Meet the Gods: Delve into the world of ancient Greek mythology with a sticker set featuring a playful pantheon of gods. Learn about Zeus, Athena, and other mythical figures while adding a touch of creativity to notebooks, crafts, and more.

Collectible Keepsake: Commemorate the mythical odyssey with a unique Minotaur collectible keychain. The iconic creature from the labyrinth is a fun reminder of this adventure's twists and turns!

Ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and delve into the world of ancient Greece with WompleBox: Greece! Order now and let the magic of Greek mythology captivate your young explorer.

Box dimensions:
- 9 inches x 7 inches x 3 inches

Activity kit includes:
- 'Lost in the Labyrinth,' an illustrated adventure book about Greece
- DIY re-playable marble maze to build and play your own labyrinth
- Create a pegasus mosaic
- Fold-out and interactive activity map of Greece
- Learn about the ancient Greek gods sticker set
- Minotaur collectible keychain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Josephine K.

Representative was very helpful with change over for a shipment and account

Paul E.
Great monthly gift teaching about geography and culture!

I sent the Womple boxes to my nieces - ages 11 and 9. They both enjoy the monthly gift. Last time I visited, they took their collection out to show me. My brother swears it was their idea to show them to me, not his. My only wish is that there were more monthly packages so they could receive these longer than 1 year that is currently offered.

Thank you so much for your kind review! We love that your nieces are proud of what they've created - as they should be! We're always working on building out new epic adventures for kids and hope to have more journeys for them soon.

Juliana D.

The reaction I received from my daughter was “woooowwww” because she love everything about these boxes. They’re incredible! All the stars, HIGHLY recommend!

Exactly the reaction we want!!

Scott R.
Fun Brazil box

My 8 year old and 5 and half year old twins loved the Brazil box. They especially loved the projects! They were able to do them on their own as well which was great for us as parents!

Yesss! Happy kids AND parents = success!

Danielle H.
Lots of fun in a box

As a parent, it's nice to be promoted to journey somewhere and explore. We look up videos of things that catch our interest that come up from what we learn from the womple box. I enjoy that there are art projects that go along with the learning, I feel that naturally embeds the information at a different rate!

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