WompleBox: Rapa Nui
WompleBox: Rapa Nui
WompleBox: Rapa Nui
WompleBox: Rapa Nui
WompleBox: Rapa Nui
WompleBox: Rapa Nui

WompleBox: Rapa Nui

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  • 🎁 Ages 6 - 11
  • 🗿 A sea-faring adventure to far off Rapa Nui!
  • 🎨 2 hands-on craft projects

Sailing across the Pacific Ocean, Womple feels a drop of water fall on his nose. Next thing he knows, he is holding on for dear life as a huge storm knocks his boat off course. Luckily, he is traveling with the two best sailors he has ever met: Matua, the young captain of the boat, and Tane, the huge stone sculpture that they have on board! Giant waves, circling tuna, talking statues... Welcome to the island of Rapa Nui!

The Rapa Nui WompleBox includes:

  • "Land of GIants", an Illustrated adventure book introducing kids to the island of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island
  • Build a floating canoe craft activity
  • Chart the waters with a stick chart activity to learn how Polynesian sailors navigated
  • Fold-out activity map of Rapa Nui and country guide
  • Pen pal pack of country-themed stickers, postcard, stationery, and envelope
  • Moai stone sculpture collectible keychain

Box dimensions:
- 9 inches x 7 inches x 3 inches

Activity kit includes:
- Illustrated adventure book
- 2 craft project activities with kid-friendly instructions and all materials
- Fold-out map and country guide
- Pen pal pack of country-themed stickers, postcard, stationery, and envelope
- Unique collectible keychain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Paul E.
Great monthly gift teaching about geography and culture!

I sent the Womple boxes to my nieces - ages 11 and 9. They both enjoy the monthly gift. Last time I visited, they took their collection out to show me. My brother swears it was their idea to show them to me, not his. My only wish is that there were more monthly packages so they could receive these longer than 1 year that is currently offered.

Thank you so much for your kind review! We love that your nieces are proud of what they've created - as they should be! We're always working on building out new epic adventures for kids and hope to have more journeys for them soon.

Juliana D.

The reaction I received from my daughter was “woooowwww” because she love everything about these boxes. They’re incredible! All the stars, HIGHLY recommend!

Exactly the reaction we want!!

Scott R.
Fun Brazil box

My 8 year old and 5 and half year old twins loved the Brazil box. They especially loved the projects! They were able to do them on their own as well which was great for us as parents!

Yesss! Happy kids AND parents = success!

Danielle H.
Lots of fun in a box

As a parent, it's nice to be promoted to journey somewhere and explore. We look up videos of things that catch our interest that come up from what we learn from the womple box. I enjoy that there are art projects that go along with the learning, I feel that naturally embeds the information at a different rate!

Anna W.

After reading the Percy Jackson series my 6 year old son and I loved diving into the Greece Womple box. His favorite part was the modifiable marble labyrinth which he played with for hours over the course if weekend.

The perfect Greece combo!!

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