Le Pouce landmark located in France

5 Unique Landmarks Around the World

We've all heard of the most famous landmarks around the world like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. BUT, have you ever heard of some of the wackiest landmarks that exist around the world? These 5 landmarks are a little different that may make you giggle or raise your eyebrows in shock, but how fun would it be to visit these peculiar places?  

1. The Big Banana - Australia

40 foot big banana statue in Australia
  • Located in Coffs Harbour, the Big Banana tourist attraction is 40 feet long! If you think it's a random statue, it's actually located at the Big Banana Fun Park! It's home to a large number of banana-based recreational activities and food that attract over 1 million yearly. 

2. The Hand of the Desert - Chile

Cement hand in the middle of the desert in Chile
  • Made completely out of cement in the middle of the Atacama desert, this hand reaches for the stars. The hand statue stands 36 feet tall and is the work of sculptor Mario Irarrázabal. The sculpture was inaugurated in March 1992. The concept of the hand shows reaching for the skies speaks to human loneliness, torment and fragility. 

3. Vegreville Pysanka - Canada

Replica of a traditional Pyanksa Easter egg in Canada
  • This replica of a traditional Ukrainian Easter egg is over 25 feet long and weighs 3,000 pounds. The pysanka symbolizes harmony, vitality, and culture of the community. The large egg is dedicated to the One-Hundredth Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who brought peace and security to the biggest multi-cultural settlement within Canada.  

4. Gum Wall - Seattle, USA

Gum wall in post alley in Seattle
  • Ever wonder what to do with your gum once you're done with it? Well, since the 1990's when local sponsors and performers would stick their gum on the wall. Since then, the wall has continued to grow, piece by piece down Post Alley in Seattle. In 2015 the gum wall was cleaned and weighed 2,200 lbs. However, it wasn't long before locals and tourists began sticking their gum back on the famous wall. 

5. Le Pouce - France

39-foot thumb sculpture of Cesar Baldaccini in Paris
  • Thumbs up for this large piece of art located in Paris. The detail of the finger shows their original fingerprints. The 39-foot sculpture was stood upright in 1994 and is a symbol of good luck. Created by Cesar Baldaccini, in 1965 he used resin mold and duplicated his own thumb. 

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