Paper bag Canada beaver craft for kids with Womple Studios

DIY Paper Bag Canadian Beaver

Did you know Canada's national animal is the beaver? That's right! Since March 24, 1975. The castor canadensis (beaver) became an official symbol of Canada when the National Symbol of Canada Act received royal assent, granting these remarkable creatures recognition for their sovereignty. Beavers are true symbols of strength and perseverance. Now let's learn a few fun facts AND make our own paper bag Canadian beaver!

Fun Facts about Beavers

1.Beavers are true engineers of the animal kingdom!

They build elaborate structures called lodges using branches, logs, and mud. These cozy lodges have underwater entrances to keep them safe from predators. Inside, they create chambers for sleeping, raising their young, and storing food

2. Beavers have a voracious appetite for bark and twigs.

They love to munch on the bark of trees such as aspen, willow, and birch. They even create a healthy balance by felling trees to build their dams and lodges, which actually helps create diverse wetland habitats for other animals.

3. When it comes to hard work, beavers take the crown!

They are known for their industrious nature. With their sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and strong front paws, they are excellent at cutting down trees and moving heavy branches. They can transform a calm stream into a bustling beaver pond by building dams made of sticks and mud. 

4. Beavers are incredibly adapted to an aquatic lifestyle.

Their webbed hind feet and waterproof fur make them excellent swimmers. They can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes! Beavers also have a special inner eyelid called a "nictitating membrane" that acts like goggles, allowing them to see clearly underwater.

Materials Needed

  • Paper Bag
  • Color Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Stick Glue
  • Marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Step 1

Gluing a face onto a paper bag Canada beaver craft for kids
Grab your paper bag and glue stick and begin making the beavers face. Glue the ears, eyes, nose and two buck teeth.

Step 2

Drawing the beaver tail on colored paper bag for Canada beaver craft for kids
Glue the two arms on the sides of the paper bag and grab your brown sheet of paper to draw the tail.

Step 3

Gluing a maple leaf symbol onto a paper bag Canada beaver craft for kids
Cut the tail and glue it on the bottom right side of the bag. Then, feel free to add some Canadian flair with a red maple leaf on the beavers belly.

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