Stegosaurus DinoGlow glowing in the dark skeleton

How to Adventure with DinoGlows

Our reversible plush dinos that glow-in-the-dark in skeleton form are the perfect mixture of fun and learning. DinoGlows are a way to have your own dino pal while learning more about dinosaurs and their fossils. We know many wonder, how can I take my DinoGlow along on my adventures? Well, here's a list of ways to have your DinoGlow tag along and join the adventure by illuminating the night. 

1. DinoGlow Night Hike

Embark on an exciting night hike with DinoGlows lighting your path. Explore the wilderness under the starry sky, discovering hidden wonders and enjoying the magical glow of your dino friends 

2. DinoGlow Campfire Stories

Gather around the campfire with your DinoGlows illuminating the darkness. Share thrilling tales and spooky stories, creating an atmosphere filled with mystery and enchantment.

3. DinoGlow Cosmic Picnic

Pack a delicious picnic and head to a scenic location. Spread out your DinoGlows, creating a cozy and radiant space where you can enjoy tasty treats while marveling at the celestial beauty above. 

4. DinoGlow Astronomer's Adventure

Set up your DinoGlows at an astronomical observatory or a secluded spot with clear skies. Spend the night observing constellations, planets, and shooting stars while your DinoGlows add a touch of whimsy to the experience.

5. DinoGlow Sleepover Party

Invite your friends over for a DinoGlow-themed sleepover. Transform your living room into a glowing wonderland with DinoGlows adorning the walls, creating a unique and unforgettable slumber party experience. 

6. DinoGlow Nighttime Treasure Hunt

Organize a thrilling scavenger hunt in the dark using DinoGlows as hidden markers. Follow the glowing trail to discover hidden treasures, solving riddles and challenges along the way.

7. DinoGlow Outdoor Movie Night

Set up a movie projector in your backyard or a local park and enjoy a cinematic experience under the stars. Enhance the atmosphere with DinoGlows, adding a magical touch to your outdoor movie night.

8. DinoGlow Glow-in-the-Dark Art

Unleash your creativity by creating glow-in-the-dark art using DinoGlows as your artistic tool. Paint a masterpiece, design unique clothing, or decorate your room with glowing artwork that comes alive at night.

 Triceratops DinoGlow glowing in the dark skeletonT. Rex DinoGlow glowing in the dark skeleton

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