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7 of the Weirdest Museums Around the World

Sometimes, traveling the world means exploring historic places and seeing famous sites. But, are you someone who enjoys traveling a little off the beaten path? Us too! If you're looking for a unique addition to your itinerary for your next trip, check out the weirdest museums around the world. Who's in?

1. Beijing Tap Water Museum, China

Outside the tap Water Museum in China

Photo provided by Tap Water Museum 

Built on the original water plant in Beijing, the Tap Water Museum is dedicated to the ins and outs of, you guessed it, tap water. It includes 130 objects, 110 pictures, and 40 models showcasing the 90-year old history of tap water in the area. But, be forewarned: no samples allowed! For foreign travelers, you might want to avoid the local drinking water. BONUS: don’t forget to check out the mini tap water filtration system!

2. The Dog Collar Museum, England

Little boy looking at dog collars inside a glass case

Photo provided by: The Dog Collar Museum 

Over 130 rare and valuable collars, spanning over five centuries, are on display at Leeds Castle. In 1977, Mrs. Gertrude Hunt presented the castle with the collection in honor of her husband. The donation contained 60 collars from all over Europe. Since the original donation, many more collars have been added to the collection. The earliest collar is an iron Spanish herd mastiff's collar dating back to the 15th century. Not just for walking the castle grounds, this collar would have been worn as armor to protect the dog against wolves and bears!

3. Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey

Lamp with strands of hair samples and notes
Photo provided by Avanos Hair Museum

Rated as the Guinness Book of World Records 6th most interesting museum in the world in 1998! So the story goes, a man named Chez Galip had friends visit him in Avanos, Turkey. As their visit came to an end, Chez Galip grew sad. So, naturally, one of his friends cut a piece of her hair for him to keep and remember the trip. Now, the museum has hair samples from over 16,000 people who have visited the museum and heard the story. Each strand of hair also holds their address. Twice a year (June and December) a museum customer is invited down to the museum to pick out 10 strands of hair. Those 10 winners who will receive an all-expenses-paid week-long vacation in beautiful Cappadocia, Turkey!

4. The Museum of Bread Culture, Germany

Germany street corner at the museum of bread culture

Photo Provided by The Museum of Bread Culture

Wheat it and weep, this is a real place! This German museum may not be on everyone's travel itinerary, but there is a lot of history to be had if you make the trip... over 6,000 years of history! The museum holds 16,000 artifacts related to bread and bread-making from human history. Unfortunately, there's no actual bread. Sorry to disappoint, there will be no food samples on this visit! Make sure to grab a bite before you go!

5. The Cryptozoology Museum, Maine, United States

Man smiling while holding a monkey baby
Photo provided by Crytozoology Museum

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals, often stemming from folklore and legends. Think Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Chupacabra! So, you can probably imagine this is no ordinary museum. As the only museum of its type, you'll find items here you simply can't find anywhere else, like hair samples purported to belong to the Abominable Snowman!

6. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, India

Inside the museum of toilets with toilets in glass cases

Photo provided by: International Museum of Toliets 

While it may sound odd, this museum serves a larger purpose. It showcases the importance and mechanics of proper plumbing, which is something that isn't accessible to large parts of the world, including large parts of India. The toilet museum's primary purpose is to educate students about the history of toilet development and flush out any negativity around it.

7. British Lawnmower Museum, England

Outside the green and yellow British Lawnmower Museum

Photo provided by The Lawnmower Museum

Ever wanted to learn about the history of the lawnmower? Your long search is over. The Lawnmower Museum is filled with answers to your questions! They have featured royal lawnmowers belonging to none other than Prince Charles and Princess Diana! Enjoy the museum's extensive collection of vintage lawnmowers and antique garden machinery. Most of the artifacts are from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Have you visited any of these museums, or a museum with an even stranger subject? Tell us about it!

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