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7 Hiking Games for the Family

Over the last few years, hiking has increased in popularity, especially for families! It's the perfect time to bond with your kids and enjoy Mother Nature anywhere in the world! The best part is hikes are perfect for kids of all ages, but it's important to keep them entertained. Here are some fun and easy hiking games for kids to play on the trail to keep them (and you) happy!

1. Scavenger Hunt 

Before you head out on your hike, make a list of things that can be found in nature! Have the kids help make the list so the little explorers can check the items off the list as you hike the trail. Set a time limit so the kids won't become bored with the game and the hunt doesn’t go on forever! 

2. Geocaching

Who doesn't love a treasure hunt? Turn your hike into one with geocaching. Using specific coordinates with your smartphone or a handheld GPS unit search for one of the many caches you can find in your area. Once you find it, take your prize and then replace it with another item! https://www.geocaching.com/play is a good resource to use!

3. The Alphabet Game

A simple game that will keep everyone on their toes as you have to think quick! One person begins by saying a random word, then the next person says a word that links to the first word. This continues until someone is too slow, repeats a word, or says something unrelated!

4. The Unending Story

This is a game that can keep going all day long if you don’t put a time limit on it. One person begins telling a story, then they pass it to the next person to continue the narrative. Similar to 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, just without the beer and having to listen to the same song all day long. 

5. Hide and Seek: Hike Edition

Don't worry this will be completely safe for your little explorers and you! The hiders will only run around 10-20 feet ahead of the group and the seeker will count to 60. The seeker will find the hiders and then everyone can regroup and rotate positions. It's the best way to keep the kids interested and wants to go further along the trail!

6. Search for Wildlife

Similar to a scavenger hunt, this is specific to different types of animals! Pack a pair of binoculars and have the kids stop every so often to look for different types of animals (to keep it safer to look through binoculars instead of walking and looking). Many trails have placards that show which creatures inhabit the environment. 

7. Twenty Questions 

Tree, vegetable, rock, or insect? Take inspiration from your hike and play 20 questions! It truly is such a fun game for kids to play as it keeps their minds distracted but leaves their feet still hiking. One person thinks of a word and the other hikers take turns asking questions to see if they can guess what the person is thinking of. As a group, there are only twenty questions to ask! Continue the game by taking turns.

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