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Become an Engineer with Marshmallows
STEAM activities can be both fun and educational. The best kind of activity allows children to explore and think for themselves. Challenge your child with this fun and delicious marshmallow engineering activity! You'll be amazed what sort of wildly creative (and edible) architectural masterpieces your child will create.
Ready to build?
Materials Needed:
  • Mini marshmallows (stale ones work best, but aren't as tasty)
  • Spaghetti, toothpicks, wooden dowels, or even chopsticks might work

Step One

Become an Engineer with Marshmallows | Womple Studios

Gather your marshmallows and toothpicks (spaghettis are fun, too!). Put one marshmallow on the end of one toothpick. You've got your first building piece!

Step Two

Become an Engineer with Marshmallows | Womple Studios

Continue building with marshmallows and toothpicks. Build as many different structures as you want. To start, you might want to pick a simple structure to recreate, like a pyramid or a cube. Then, work up to a bigger pyramid or a skyscraper. Ready for a real challenge? Build your own castle with turrets, a gate, and more!
Step Three

Become an Engineer with Marshmallows | Womple Studios

Did you have fun doing a marshmallow engineering activity? Show off your finished product by tagging us on social media!


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