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🧊 Build An Igloo 🧊

Looking for the perfect winter activity to do with your kids that doesn't require snow boots and gloves? Then look no further. Challenge their inner engineers by building an igloo from marshmallows!

What shape will it be? Will their igloo have windows? Don't be afraid to add some hot cocoa to the mix! 🍫 ☕️

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Materials Needed
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp water
  • Mini-marshmallows

Step 1

Build an Igloo | Womple Studios
Begin by grabbing a bowl and mixing together the powdered sugar and water. Mix until it gets to be a goopy liquid - perfect for the icing glue that you'll use when building an igloo! Next, put the icing into a plastic bag and cut off a bit of a corner to squeeze your icing through.

Step 2

Build an Igloo | Womple Studios
Begin 'gluing' the marshmallows together with your icing. Be creative! You can make an igloo however big or small you want it. Want a 2 bedroom igloo? Windows? Go for it!

Step 3

Build an Igloo | Womple Studios

Once you have the foundation, begin stacking marshmallows to form an igloo shape. Get to building and you'll have a mini-winter home in no time!

Building an igloo is the best way to learn more about Inuit culture, the science of how snow is created and engineering!

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