Womple with a pisanki Polish easter egg coloring page

Color Your Own Polish Easter Egg

Did you know in Polish, Easter eggs are called Pisanki (peace-AHN-keeh)? They are the most colorful 1,000-year-old tradition! The word pisanki actually derive from the Polish verb pisac, which means to 'write' or 'paint' in older times. Real pisanki are actually created by drawing on the eggs with melted wax and then dipping them into dye! Who wants to add this intricate art to their easter egg coloring page?

Fun Facts about Pisanki
  1. Coloring Easter eggs is still very popular in Poland and enjoyed by Polish people around the world.
  2. The tradition has a symbolic meaning that connects to beauty, fertility, rebirth, and life.
  3. Pisanki are made from chicken, duck, or goose eggs, but ostrich eggs have started to appear (even though they are still rare).
  4. Polish Easter eggs can be made from decorated wood.
  5. Pisanki is a staple in Poland for preparing an Easter basket that will be blessed on Holy Saturday. 

Now, enjoy coloring your own pisanki Easter egg coloring page with Womple!

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