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Day of the Dead Mask

Happy 'Dia de Los Muertos' also known as Day of the Dead! Every year the holiday is celebrated in Mexico and other parts of Latin America on November 1-2. It's a day where skeletons don't seem so scary and people can celebrate the memory of their deceased relatives. So why is it celebrated? Hundreds of years ago, the native people of Mexico believed the spirits of their relatives returned to earth to visit them.
Every town celebrates Day of the Dead differently. The first day it's believed that children's' spirits return and on the second day is when adults spirits return. Both days, families will decorate the graves of their relatives with flowers and their favorite food! In Mexico, some will even build ofrendas, or altars in their homes that honor the deceased. The altars are decorated with candles, flowers, food, and photos of their relatives to honor them. Another way they celebrate is by eating candy or sweets shaped like skeletons, skulls or other symbols of death.
Want to participate and make your own mask?

Materials Needed
  • Paper Plate
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Tape
  • Popsicle Stick

Step 1

Day of the Dead Mask | Womple Studios
Grab your paper plate and marker and begin drawing the outline of your mask. Then, cut it out.

Step 2

Day of the Dead Mask | Womple Studios
Start by drawing eyes and mouth on the mask. Then, make the mask any color and design you want! The more colorful the better!

Step 3

Day of the Dead Mask | Womple Studios
Once you have designed your mask, grab a popsicle stick and tape it to the back. Now you have your Day of the Dead mask to hold up and use!

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