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DIY Advent Calendar

Did you know the concept of the advent calendar dates back to the 19th century? Families would mark the days off with chalk to count down the time to Christmas. Has your family ever used an advent calendar? Or are you looking for ways to make December and Christmas time a little more special for your little ones? How about making your own advent calendar? It's super easy and you can make it about anything you want! 

Materials Needed

  • Cardboard box
  • Toilet paper/ Paper towel rolls
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon

Step 1

DIY Advent Calendar | Womple Studios

Grab one of your paper rolls and draw a line down the middle. Then, cut the line to have two pieces. Repeat this until you have 25 pieces, one for each day in December until Christmas!

Step 2

DIY Advent Calendar | Womple Studios

Take your cardboard box and begin gluing those pieces to the bottom of the box. An advent calendar is meant to have 25 slots for the 25 days of December, so keep in mind that one row will have 5 slots! 

Step 3

DIY Advent Calendar | Womple Studios

The fun part! Fill the slots with ANYTHING you want. Candy, gifts, ornaments, fun tasks written on a piece of paper, I mean anything! Will yours be unique gifts each day? A mystery that can only be solved with all 25 notes? Make it as creative as possible!

Step 4

DIY Advent Calendar | Womple Studios

You want each day to be a surprise right? Take a piece of tissue paper and cover up the cardboard by laying it on top and tape around the edges to hold it into place. Then, write the numbers of the days on top of each slot. Once you're done, add ribbon or decorative tape on top of the tissue paper to create a "box" for each number.  

Step 5

DIY Advent Calendar | Womple Studios

The best part: begin opening up the days!

Any clever advent calendar ideas you've done with your family? Let us know!

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