Hands holding a red and yellow paper Bavarian Hat craft

DIY Bavarian Hat (AKA German Alpine Hat or Tyrolean Hat)

Are you ready to add some Bavarian flair to your wardrobe? Look no further than the traditional Bavarian hat, also known as a "Bayerischer Hut" in German. The Bavarian hat is a symbol of the region's rich cultural heritage. With its distinctive shape and decorative elements, this German hat is a must-have accessory for any fan of the Bavarian culture. They are traditional hats worn by men and boys in Bavaria, a region in southern Germany.

But the Bavarian hat isn't just a fashion statement - it also serves a practical purpose. The tall, pointed shape of the hat helps to protect the wearer from the sun and rain, making it a handy accessory for outdoor activities. When it comes to choosing the perfect hat, you have several options. The traditional German hat is made of felt and features a decorative feather, but there are also versions made of wool or other materials. You can also choose from different colors and styles to suit your personal taste.

Bavarian hats are often associated with Oktoberfest, a popular annual festival in Bavaria that celebrates Bavarian culture. During Oktoberfest, Bavarian hats are commonly worn by men and boys as part of their traditional Bavarian outfit, which typically includes lederhosen (leather shorts) and a checkered shirt.

No matter how you choose to style your hat, one thing is for sure - it's a fun and unique way to show off your love of Bavarian culture. So why not add one to your collection today? Prost!

Materials Needed:

  • Color Paper
  • Hole Punch 
  • Feather
  • Glue stick
  • Elastic Thread


Step One

Folding paper edges in to begin making a paper bavarian hat

Grab your paper and fold it in half. Then fold each corner down to meet in the middle (it will look like a triangle). Then  

Step Two 

Folding bottom pieces over the secure the shape of a bavarian hat

Fold the bottom up over the pieces that were folded down. Repeat on both sides. Then, begin folding in each corner to make it even with the center. Repeat on both sides.

Step Three

Hole punching the bottom of the paper hat for string to attach

Glue the edges so you have one large triangle shape. Hole punch the bottom center of hat. 

Step Four

Hands holding a decorated bavarian hat with yellow feather

Today, we are going to make a German flag to add to the brim of the hat. Then, add string through the hole that was punched and slide a flag into the top of the hat.

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