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DIY Birds Nest

STEAM is in the air as spring weather is finally here! Kids can get outside and observe the natural world of wonders. How many kids enjoy seeing animals exist in nature like the different birds flying around? Some will even witness a nest around the outside of their home, and some will have eggs in them! But, I bet your little one always thought it would be fun to make their own nest for the birds to flock to. Today is their lucky day because we are going to build a bird's nest by becoming material engineers and then fine-tuning their math skills! Are you ready for nature-filled STEAM fun? Tip: Another fun way to include a lesson into this activity is by researching birds in your area and narrowing down which birds nest it could be! 
Materials Needed
  • Natural Materials (leaves, sticks, grass, catkins, etc.) let your little one lead with what THEY think should be included
  • Plastic Eggs or anything they choose to represent the bird eggs
  • Step 1

    DIY Birds Nest | Womple Studios

    Begin by gathering your materials and have them ready to start the activity. Grab what will be the base of your nest and begin wrapping it to make a circle. Gradually begin adding more material to create your bird's nest. 

    Step 2

    DIY Birds Nest | Womple Studios

    Make sure your nest is nice and full where the birds have plenty of room to lay their eggs and can comfortably sit. Once your nest is complete, add in your 'eggs' to complete the nest! 
    If your little one is feeling up for the adventure place the nest outside without anything in it to see if a bird will safely lay their eggs in it!

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