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DIY Suncatcher

Back-to-school season is already here! Summer seemed to fly by, but don't let that stop you from ending on a high note. Catch the feeling of those warm summer rays with a suncatcher DIY project! Filled with plenty of colors and creativity, this is the perfect outdoor activity to allow your little ones to get outside, enjoy nature, and create. DIY activities are the perfect mix between fun and education during those summer months. Wan to give it a whirl?

Materials Needed
  • Colored Popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or glue sticks
  • Press 'N Seal
  • Leaves, twigs, flower petals, etc. 

Step One

Womple Studios | DIY Suncatcher

Go outside, take a walk or go in your backyard to gather any flowers, leaves, twigs, etc. you can find (the brighter the better)! Lay them out as flat as possible on a sheet of Press 'N Seal with a little space in between each item.

Step Two

Womple Studios | DIY Suncatcher

Cover the leaves, flowers, etc. with another sheet of Press 'N Seal and push down. Make sure everything underneath is as secure as possible. Place it to the side.

Step Three

Womple Studios | DIY Suncatcher

Start by hot gluing the end of one popsicle stick to another, connecting the sticks end to end to create a frame. Continue until you have four popsicles sticks built into a square. Feeling adventurous? Experiment with differently shaped frames!

Step Four

Womple Studios | DIY Suncatcher

Lay your beautiful flower & leaf creation on top of the frame. Then, glue another popsicle stick frame on top of the first frame to secure your creation inside.

Step Five

Womple Studios | DIY Suncatcher

Before gluing the last popsicle stick to complete your frame, glue the top of two ends of the sticks and add a string or wire. Complete the frame with the last popsicle stick on top of the string or wire.

Step Six

Womple Studios | DIY Suncatcher

Hang your craft outside or hold it up into the sun yourself (REMINDER: never look directly at the sun) to catch the light in different ways. How's your suncatcher DIY looking?

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