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DIY Swedish Dala Horse

Do you know the history behind the Dala Horse? It is one of Sweden's most well-known living folk art traditions. Originally being created as toys for children to play with. They were produced in the Dalarna region (where the name comes from), where they gained popularity, and then were sold to other regions in Sweden. The original Swedish dala horses weren't painted either but inspired by furniture and other décor, people began painting them. The red horse became the most popular one, and it still is the most common color today. This also led to its correlation with Christmas and why it's known around the holidays.

In 1939-1940 the Dala Horse became a huge hit at the New York World's Fair because of the huge painted horse being placed in front of the Swedish pavilion. The excitement of the crowds led to 20,000 Swedish Dala horses being shipped to New York and It was the official symbol of Sweden. 

Materials Needed 

  • Cardboard
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Marker 

Step One

DIY Swedish Dala Horse | Womple Studios

Grab your cardboard and marker and begin drawing your Dala horse. Once you have the outline, cut it out.

Step Two

DIY Swedish Dala Horse | Womple Studios 

Let's dive in! Grab your paint and begin painting that beauty. Any design, any color. Whatever you like! That's the best part about a Dala Horse, it is what your imagination unfolds. 

Step Three

DIY Swedish Dala Horse | Womple Studios Let it dry and appreciate your hard work and creativity because it looks GREAT to us!

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