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5 Hidden Wonders of Barcelona

Known for its one-of-a-kind architecture, fashion, and beautiful weather along the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is the ultimate tourist destination. But, have you ever wanted to go beyond the tourist attractions and normal sightseeing? Let's discover Barcelona's hidden spots for your to adventure!

1. Bunkers of Carmel

5 Hidden Wonders of Barcelona | Womple Studios

Photo provided by Bunkers.cat

If you're looking for panoramic views of Barcelona, this is one of the best spots you can go to! The neighborhood of El Carmel sits right above Gaudi's famous Park Guell. There are a few ways to get to the bunkers: hiking, taking the bus, or hopping in a taxi. The choice is yours! 

2. Colonia Guell Crypt aka Gaudi's Crypt

5 Hidden Wonders of Barcelona | Womple Studios

A beautiful and unmistakably Guad, this unfinished work sits on the spot where a large church was planned to be built. Only the crypt and entrance portico were completed due to financial problems. However, it is still considered one of Gaudi's most important works due to the complexity of the structure. It even still functions as a church!

3. Parc del Laberint 

5 Hidden Wonders of Barcelona | Womple Studios

Photo provided by Barcelona.cat

An a-maze-ing place to visit to get lost in 18 acres of the beauty of nature! It also happens to be the oldest garden in Barcelona. Did you know the design of the hedge re-enacts the original mythology of the Greek labyrinth? If you want to tour the maze, be aware only 750 visitors are allowed into the park per day to maintain its beauty. It's top of the list as one of Barcelona's hidden spots.

4. Parc de la Ciutadella: Gaudi Fountain

5 Hidden Wonders of Barcelona | Womple Studios

Looking to sightsee outside the big city? Pass through the Arc di Triunfo and you will find yourself in Ciutadella Park, a beautiful 74-acre park in the middle of the bustle and hustle of the city where you will find a sense of serenity. There is a boating lake, statues, a tropical greenhouse, the Barcelona Zoo, and Catalan Parliament buildings. But the most breathtaking sight is the ornamental fountain, designed by Josep Fontsere and a young Gaudi.

5. Tibidabo 

5 Hidden Wonders of Barcelona | Womple Studios

Located on the highest mountain in Barcelona, this fairytale church has some of the best panoramic views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea you could imagine. It was built in 1806 and the Neo-Gothic design is the work of architect Josep Maria Sagnier I Vidal. If you're looking to see even higher views, take the elevator to the top of the church! One of our favorites of Barcelonas hidden spots, complete with an amusement park right next door!

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