Womple in the Macy's Parade for Thanksgiving coloring page

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Coloring Page

Are you ready for the start of the holiday season? How about one that features gigantic balloons, elaborate floats, and endless entertainment for all? Well every year on Thanksgiving Day, Macy's hosts a large parade live from the Big Apple (NYC). This year there will be 12 marching bands, 4 giant balloons, 5 floats, and 24 live celebrity singers to add to the entertainment. But, how did the parade even begin? Let's dive into where it all began 

The History

It began in the roaring 20s with very few rules to follow, the two-block-long parade had elephants, camels, and donkeys along with major traffic jams. A quarter million people watched as Santa's float made his way from 145th Street to Macy's 34th street. In 1924, a group of Macy's employees asked the company to host it with celebrating the coming of Christmas and celebrating new freedoms. 

Fun Facts 

  • There are 50 million viewers who tune in to watch the parade every year along with the 8,000 parade participants and 3.5 million spectators. Talk about a crowd!
  • The parade has gone 94 times, it has happened every year except the three years during World War II (1942-1944).
  • There have been 8 different Snoopy balloons that have flown over Manhattan throughout the years. There have been 4 different Mickey balloons. 
  • The tallest balloon in a parade was an 80-foot Superman during the 1980 parade. 
  • The parade in 1927 had 3 balloons, Felix the Cat, a dragon, and a toy soldier. They were released into the air at the end of the parade. 

If you’re planning on watching this year, get your kiddos ready with this fun Thanksgiving coloring page. 

Download here!

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