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Make Your Own Paper Nile Crocodile

Get ready for an exciting journey to learn about the incredible Nile crocodile! These mighty reptiles are among the largest in the world and live in African rivers, lakes, and swamps. With long snouts, powerful jaws, and scaly bodies, they are truly fascinating. Did you know that Nile crocodiles can grow to be really BIG? These giants can reach lengths of up to 16-20 feet (5-6 meters) and weigh around 500-1,500 pounds (225-680 kilograms). That's as heavy as a small car! Nile crocodiles also have an astonishing bite force, which helps them catch their prey. Their teeth are sharp and interlock perfectly, making it easy for them to grip and hold onto their meals. These ancient creatures have witnessed countless changes over millions of years, making them living legends. Now, let's make our own paper Nile crocodile.

Materials Needed
  • Color Paper
  • Stick Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers 

Step One

Brown paper with blue curved paper glued down to it for a nile craft

Grab a sheet of paper (preferably one that is brown to resemble the ground) and glue your cut out water way onto it.

Step Two

Drawing a paper crocodile onto a green piece of paper for a nile crocodile craft

Start by drawing the outline of your crocodile and cut it out. Now, draw the crocodile scales as best you can and make them pop with the black marks throughout.

Step Three

Folding paper crocodile into an accordion shape for paper nile crocodile craft

Begin folding the crocodile piece by piece until it's in an accordion shape.

Step Four

Gluing the mouth of the crocodile onto the body for a paper nile crocodile

Grab another sheet of paper, fold it in half and make the crocodiles face. Repeat step 2, then add the nose to the end of the sheet. Glue to the body.

Step Five

Gluing the tongue and teeth onto the paper nile crocodile for diy craft

Cut out a tongue shape with paper and a few teeth to glue inside the 'mouth' of the crocodile.

Step Six

Drawing white water caps on the blue paper to create water for paper nile crocodile

Now, the final touches. Let's get those eyes glued to the top and don't forget the arms and legs of the crocodile. You have now got yourself a paper Nile crocodile. (Feel free to add some white caps in the water.)

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