Create Your Own Safari Sunset

Create Your Own Safari Sunset

Have you ever wanted to go on safari and experience the most spectacular skies? Africa's safari sunsets are incomparable! With a horizon stretched endlessly as far as the eye can see, the sky's breathtaking hues look like they're about to catch fire.

Want to make your own beautiful African safari sunset? This sunset shadow tracing art is super easy and comes out beautifully every time. The perfect activity for your little ones for some pretend play and a quick geography lesson!

Materials Needed:
  • Color Paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Glue 

Step 1

Create Your Own Safari Sunset | Womple Studios

Grab your orange-colored paper and set it aside. Then, carefully rip a long, lengthwise piece from your black paper with your hands to create a mountain horizon. Glue it to the bottom of your paper. 

Step 2

Create Your Own Safari Sunset | Womple Studios

Repeat step 2 with the yellow colored paper. Glue that piece to the top of your orange background to create the top of your sky. Then, rip two thinner pieces and glue them just below with small gaps between.

Step 3

Create Your Own Safari Sunset | Womple Studios

Use your black colored paper cut out some animal and tree shapes to finish your African sunset! Glue them to the backdrop. Complete your project by drawing in a few bushes, grass, and trees with your marker!

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