Womple dressed as a greek god in front of the Parthenon

Parthenon Printable Coloring Page

The Parthenon, located in Athens, Greece, in one of the most famous temples in the world. Once upon a time, the Parthenon was a temple to the Greek goddess Athena - goddess of both wisdom and warfare and one of the most powerful of all of the Greek gods. Built almost 2,500 years ago, you can still visit its famous ruins today.

The Greek Parthenon in Athens, Greece

But, did you know that as old as the Parthenon is, it actually replaced an even older temple? The Pre-Parthenon or Older Parthenon (not the most creative names) was destroyed around 480 BC, about 50 years before the construction of the Parthenon we know today.

That's not all - the Parthenon has had a lot of uses over the years. Besides being a temple to Athena, the Parthenon was used by the ancient Greeks as the city treasury. At other points it has served as a Christian church, a Muslim mosque, and even a store for weapons. 

Despite all the changes over 2500 years, the Parthenon is still standing today and definitely worth a visit.

Click below to download this free printable coloring page of the Parthenon and get creative!

Free printable of the Greek Parthenon

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