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Snap, Crackle and Poppers for the 4th of July

Independence Day, also known as the 4th of July has been celebrated as a federal holiday in the United States since 1941. However, the tradition of Independence Day goes back to the 18th century. On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence, which announced the colonies being separated from Great Britain.

Have your little ones create their own confetti poppers for fireworks with this fun and easy DIY project.


Materials Needed:

  1. Toilet Paper Roll
  2. Scissors
  3. Patriotic wrapping paper
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Confetti
  6. Balloons



Step One: Grab your toilet paper roll and lay it down. Then use your hot glue gun to glue from the center of the roll to the end.


Step Two: Wrap half of your patriotic wrapping paper around the roll, where you just glued it. Then secure it with more glue once it has been wrapped around. Make sure the paper is secure with glue.

Step Three: Repeat Step 2 with your second set of patriotic wrapping paper to complete the flag look.



Step Four: Take your balloon and grab a pair of scissors. Hold the balloon in the middle and cut the top off of the balloon.

Step Five: Wrap the end of the balloon on one end of the roll. Use a piece of glued wrapping paper to secure the balloon on the end.

Step Six: Tie the balloon end tight and make sure it stretches far enough out.



Step Seven: Hold up the open end and pour confetti into the toilet paper roll.


Step Eight: Go to an open area and pull the balloon end to see those fireworks fly! Happy 4th of July crafting! 

Check out the video below to watch the step by step and gather some tips before trying it with your little ones.




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