mom, dad, daughter and son having a picnic in the park

Spring Family Bucket List

You've already completed the fall and winter family bucket lists, so add in the spring family bucket list to your family activities! With the weather warming up, it's the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy nature together. After being cooped up all winter, try out these spring-friendly adventures:
  1. Plant a garden
  2. Go berry picking
  3. Have a picnic in the park
  4. Take a hike at a local park
  5. Play mini golf
  6. Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  7. Go fishing
  8. Take a family bike ride
  9. Go camping
  10. Plant flowers
  11. Go to a baseball game
  12. Have a family car wash day
  13. Visit the farmers market
  14. Fly a kite
  15. Have a Easter egg hunt
  16. Take a family photo
  17. Decorate/ dye Easter eggs
  18. Enjoy a rainy day by playing in the puddles
  19. Go out for ice cream
  20. Go to the zoo and feed animals
  21. Watch the sunset
  22. Spot a rainbow
  23. Stargaze in the backyard
  24. Find an outdoor movie night
  25. Bird watch
  26. Host a BBQ
  27. Kids plan the day!

Your family fun will continue to bloom all spring long with this list! Download a printable version of the winter bucket list to check off as you go with the link below:

Download the Spring Family Bucket List

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