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Top 8 Kid-Friendly Worldwide Travel Destinations

Planning your summer family vacation, but can't decide on a destination? How about an International adventure that’s kid-friendly (for all ages)? Whether you want to relax on the beach, tour history, or enjoy nature there's a destination for your family to world travel. We compiled a list of the top 8 worldwide destinations to inspire your family vacation spots for years to come!

1. Vietnam

Top 8 Kid-Friendly Worldwide Travel Destinations

One of the most family-friendly countries to visit! If you have adventurous kids who love history, nature, and beaches, you have found your destination! If you visit Mekong Delta, you can take a canoe ride in a small Vietnamese village. You will even learn more about the Vietnam war where the Cu Chi Tunnels are. Your little ones can crawl through them like the soldiers did and best of all, you can enjoy the beach!

2. South Africa

Top 8 Kid-Friendly Worldwide Travel Destinations
Do you have kids who love exotic animals? South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries and has a lot to offer for your little ones. Take an African safari tour or explore the culture of Cape Town! It’s safe and easy to take a family, we promise you won't regret it!

3. France

Top 8 Kid-Friendly Worldwide Travel Destinations
Well-known for its history and museums, there is plenty for your family to do! Indulge yourself in the culture with their many attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Cite des Sciences et de I'Industrie, and the Louvre Museum! To add a little more fun, take a day to visit Disneyland Paris to experience some magic! World travel doesn't have to include just historic landmarks for your family. 

4. Costa Rica

Top 8 Kid-Friendly Worldwide Travel Destinations
Did you know Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries in Central America? A perfect destination If you want a place that has diverse adventures to do as a family! The national parks contain breathtaking jungle views, the beaches are unlike any others and the activities are for nature lovers! From horseback riding to hiking to zip-lining be prepared to fill your itinerary on your world travel!

5. Canada

Top 8 Kid-Friendly Worldwide Travel Destinations
We know Canada is a big country with A LOT to offer! It's a unique destination because no matter where you go, you will experience a different type of vacation. They have mountains, prairies, city life and beaches, and breathtaking national park views!

6. Mexico

Top 8 Kid-Friendly Worldwide Travel Destinations
Mexico! A top tourist destination and one of top family vacation spots with some of the most beautiful beaches. They have great all-inclusive family-friendly resorts that have pools, beaches, food, and designated kids clubs! There are several locations to choose from and it's a perfect first trip with little ones! 

7. Spain

Top 8 Kid-Friendly Worldwide Travel Destinations
Spain is a great destination to experience great food, culture, and warmer weather! Spain is most known for its European football teams (soccer in the USA). How fun would catching a game live be for your little ones? Spain also has beautiful beaches to see and several science museums to add an educational part to your trip!

8. Italy

Top 8 Kid-Friendly Worldwide Travel Destinations
Your kids will LOVE the food in Italy because who doesn't? From pasta to pizza to authentic gelato, you can't go wrong! Italy is a great place to go with a world of history to learn and family activities to enjoy together! Check out the Colosseum, the countryside in Tuscany, or attend a kid-friendly cooking class! Italy is one of the best places for one of your family vacation spots.

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