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Turkey Egg Drop Challenge

How did the turkey become the main dish of American Thanksgiving? In 1863, when President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving Day a national holiday. While serving turkey may be the most popular dish to serve in the USA and several other countries, Germany does not. They serve chicken or goose since turkey is not a native bird. 

Germany celebrates what they called 'Ertedankfest' which translates to 'harvest thank festival.' Their harvest festival dates back to before Christianity and you know the cornucopia that is so popular? That actually comes from a pagan tradition where farmers would fill a goat horn with fruits, veggies, and grains to say thank you for the previous season's labors. Unlike an American Thanksgiving celebrated on the 3rd Thursday every year, Erntedankfest takes place on the first Sunday of October. It's filled with parades, music, dancing, and food (of course). So, how do you celebrate this holiday?

We have a classic STEM experiment to bring fun and friendly competition to your home on Thanksgiving! The best part, there is plenty of creative freedom to put your own twist on this DIY egg drop! If you want to pick a German tradition instead, we encourage you to do so. But one thing stays the same, don't drop the turkey or goose, or chicken! 

Materials Needed
  • Raw eggs
  • Googly Eyes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Straws
  • Tape
  • Various Building materials  

Step 1 

Turkey Egg Drop Challenge | Womple Studios

Let's grab an egg and begin making your turkey, chicken, or goose. Today, we will be showing you how to make a turkey! Begin by placing a small amount of glue at the bottom of the egg. You will then begin gluing the 'feathers' of the turkey. Make sure you only glue the bottom of the paper to create the full feather look.

Step 2 

Turkey Egg Drop Challenge | Womple Studios

Next, we are giving the turkey a face! Flip it around and begin gluing the nose on! Place a small dot of glue in the center of the egg. Grab your small triangle shape and glue it on. Next, we will begin gluing the eyes. Place two small dots at the top of the egg and place the googly eyes on top! 

Step 3 

Turkey Egg Drop Challenge | Womple Studios

Are you ready to build your turkey protector? Grab a total of three 6 inch cardboard pipes. Lay them out in the shape of a teepee. Two will crossover at the top and the third will lay across the bottom of the two. Next, we are going to glue them together! Don't forget, make sure it’s sturdy, we have a turkey going in there!

Step 4

Turkey Egg Drop Challenge | Womple Studios

Once, it is all glued, there will be a small triangle shape in the center. Guess where the turkey is going? That's right! Place the turkey egg in the center of that triangle. Then, we are going to make sure it is secure. Grab another cardboard pipe and begin gluing the same triangle around the turkey. It will create a triangle where the 3 pieces meet at the top of the turkey. Once, it’s in place begin cutting off the excess cardboard pipe.

Step 5 

Turkey Egg Drop Challenge | Womple Studios

Now, we are going to take those cut pieces and begin gluing a second layer onto the bottom pipes We need to make sure there is extra padding for the turkey!

Step 6 

Turkey Egg Drop Challenge | Womple Studios

The last step before we test our creation out! Begin wrapping tape around each overlapped section of cardboard pipes. We are not playing around trying to keep this turkey safe so we can have a Thanksgiving dinner! 

Step 7  

Turkey Egg Drop Challenge | Womple Studios

It's time to test your skills! Try starting small, maybe test dropping your turkey off the table or counter. If it doesn’t break, well done! The next challenge will be to try it from the top of your stairs balcony or your deck or even drop it out your window.

Do you think it will hold up? Tag on social in your diy egg drops! We can’t wait to see what you chose to make and how you choose to protect that turkey, goose, or chicken!

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