Women riding on the back of a camel in the desert

Unique Transportation Around the World

Traveling the world is an adventure all by itself. Have you ever fully immersed yourself into a different culture and new experience? Wouldn’t it be cool to hop on a camel and take a ride through the desert, or jump in a reindeer sled to see the mountains? Take your world travel to the next level by making the traveling, and not just the destination, part of your experience.
Here's a list of unique transportation you can experience around the world.

Reindeer Sled - Finland

Reindeer sled in finland in the snow

Especially during the holiday season, what better way to travel than by reindeer? In Finland, reindeer sleigh rides are actually a pretty popular way to get around. It's also an ancient Sami (an indigenous people from the area) way of travel. Reindeer sleigh riding makes a magical and eco-friendly way to explore! Suitable for all ages!

Suspension Railway - Germany

Suspension Railway in Germany traveling through town

Travel upside down! Since 1901, this suspension monorail transports 85,000 passengers daily. It’s the best way to travel the city and avoid all the traffic jams! The maximum speed is 37 mph, so don't be afraid of going too fast. It is 8.3 miles long with 20 stations along the way.

Coco Taxi - Cuba

Coco Taxis in Cuba waiting for tourists

Ever wanted to hop in a tricycle shaped like a strange egg? Well, good news! If you're headed to Cuba, Cocotaxis is your cup of tea! This vehicle has room for 3 passengers, the driver front and center, and two passengers in the back. Some even have a small motor to help the driver go up a hill.

Monte Toboggan - Portugal

Monte Toboggan in Portugal waiting for passengers

Since the 19th century, toboggan rides have been a way to get around certain (steep) areas of Portugal. The traditional basket sleds were used by local residents who wanted to travel quickly from Monte village down to the city of Funchal. These rides are now a very popular tourist attraction. The toboggan is driven by two runners, dressed in white and hats (straw boaters), who will pull and then steer you as your toboggan speeds down the town streets. Hop in and hold on!

Gondola - Italy

Gondolas in Italy traveling down canal with tourists

What better way to explore the beauty of Italy than on the Canal. Several cities have gondola rides, but none as famous as those in Venice. Venice was built on a lagoon, so it's the perfect floating city to explore via boat. A peaceful (maybe romantic?) gondola ride will be the perfect alternative way to explore the city landmarks and hidden gems.

Bamboo Train - Cambodia  

Bamboo Train in Cambodia waiting for tourists

Photo provided by Bamboo Train

Also known as a norry by locals, the bamboo train is one of the most adventurous tourist attractions in Cambodia. What exactly is it? The bamboo train is a small railroad cart that can travel up to 24mph down warped and bumpy tracks. Enjoy the Cambodian sunshine and unforgettable atmosphere as you zoom through the countryside.

Maglev - China  

Maglev in china waiting for passengers at the station
Photo provided by Reuters

That's not any old train. The Maglev train travels at a top speed of 373 mph - faster than some planes! If the speed wasn't enough to make you a little timid, this train doesn't even sit on any tracks... it operates on electromagnetic force! The Maglev "levitates" above the track using magnets, meaning there is no contact between the train and rail. It simply glides above the tracks. If you aren't planning to travel to China soon, rumor has it that a similar train is coming soon to the northeast U.S., possibly in 2023!

Camel - Egypt

Riding on a camel in desert in Egypt

First-time Egypt travelers are almost obligated to do a camel ride. If you have never visited the Giza Plateau, taking a camel ride around the pyramids or exploring the desert is a must-do. Careful though, we hear they spit! We also hear they're very sweet, very sturdy, and surprisingly fast!

Jeepney - Philippines

Traveling by jeepney in the city of Philippines

Jeepneys are a very popular way to explore the Philippines. It is also a cheap way to do so. These mini-busses originate from old U.S. military World War II Jeeps leftover in the Philippines. Now, they've been redecorated and used for public transportation. Jeepneys come in all sorts of amazing looks. Each one is a piece of art. Note that the government has begun to regulate their use to reduce emissions and jeepneys older than 15 years can no longer stay in use.
Have you been lucky enough to experience unique transportation while traveling? Any others that are on your bucket list?

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