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Fall Family Bucket List

Fall is here and the holiday season is near! From the leaves changing colors to the crisp air, pumpkin spiced everything, sweet treats, and a long list of pre-winter outdoor activities, there is so much to enjoy. Looking for some fun-filled fall adventures to do with your little one? Look no further, we have the ultimate fall bucket list ideas for you!
Don't forget to cross off your bucket list as you go!

  1. Run through a pile of leaves (don't be afraid to embrace you inner child and cannon ball in there!)
  2. Carve a pumpkin, or 3 or 4
  3. Plan an autumn picnic surrounded by the different color leaves
  4. Visit a you-pick orchard and go apple picking
  5. Take a road trip on a scenic road to experience the color changes
  6. Bake an apple pie (use those fresh apples you just picked from the orchard!)
  7. Create a collection of fall leaves, acorns, and pine cones (show them off as house décor even Martha Stewart would envy)
  8. Attend a fall festival
  9. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate (or hot apple cider) while snuggled up under a blanket
  10. Open the windows in your house to enjoy the crisp, fall air
  11. Plan a fun family Halloween costume (no one is too old for dressing up!)
  12. Go trick or treating (there is a 'too old' for trick or treating, though 😅  - so bring a child!)
  13. Cook some chili or soup on a cold fall day
  14. Go on a hayride
  15. Explore a corn maze
  16. Make and eat a caramel apple
  17. Not the best pumpkin carver? Paint a pumpkin instead!
  18. Go camping (or glamping) with your family before it gets too cold
  19. Visit a pumpkin patch
  20. Make a fire and eat s'mores
  21. Try some cider donuts
  22. Watch a Halloween movie
  23. Watch a Halloween movie marathon!
  24. Go to a drive-in movie - and bring your blanket
  25. Take a fall family photograph
  26. Have a nature scavenger hunt
  27. Make fall crafts (check out some of our ideas, like apple skulls or DIY spider webs!)
  28. Staying home for Thanksgiving? Host a Friends-giving!
  29. Indulge on Halloween candy (go ahead, grab an extra handful of candy corns!)
  30. Build a scarecrow
  31. Snuggle under a blanket and stargaze on a clear night
  32. Visit a sunflower farm
  33. Go horseback riding or take a nice long hike
  34. Find something to do every day outside
  35. Go on a family bike ride!

Your family fun just got a little better! How many of these have you checked off already, and how many are you planning on doing before the season is over?

Below is your family fall bucket list to print and begin checking off yourself! AND, we left a few blank for you to add your own fall bucket list ideas! 

Have a 'gourd' time!

Download Here!

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